The Island of Solitude

In the first half of 2020, the pandemic outbreak happened, so like many corporate workers, my working schedule inevitably changed. I started working at home. At first it felt great, blending work with personal life seemed not so bad at all: I had more time to myself, plus I didn’t need to stress about socialising with other people any more.

About Autism

The other day a friend told me that she suspected that she is autistic. I comforted her for a while, and then started wondering what she meant exactly. Apparently she knows little about autism as a serious physical condition. Then again, I feel for her words. So About Autism happened. In this imaginary world, loners can still feel love and extend their care to others.

Comic Excerpts

The Vortex is an allegory of entangled relationships. I noticed that people in close relationships often lose the ability to think rationally. Their independent thoughts are like invisible strings, weaving into one another’s lives. Sometimes they are perfectly aware of this unhealthy cohabiting situation, but they still cannot get out. This experience is like falling into a physical vortex.

Dancing Figures

Dancing Figures is a practice of various dancing poses.


A knight was moulded into a sculpture because he was given the mission of protecting epic love.


That day

It is just like any other day. They hold hands on the roads they met, wearing matching clothes. It's the day they have always been talked about. Under the trees they make promises of a joint life and a bright future. Though they have been an item for so long, she still blushes at his gaze. They know they will always remember this day.